Check Your Vehicle Before Your Family Roadtrip

Many of our favorite family vacations don’t involve flying off to another part of the world, but instead, taking a roadtrip. The lure of the open road can be enticing, and some people find nothing more enjoyable than moving from place to place, a different destination each day on the road. But nothing can bring this adventure to a screeching halt quicker than an unhealthy vehicle.

Travel Tip Product - Organizing the Suitcase:

travel tip packing suitcase organizer hefty ziploc bags
travel tip packing suitcase organizer hefty ziploc bags
Here's a travel tip I wish we'd have learned years ago.  When packing your suitcases, use JUMBO SIZE 2.5 GALLON HEFTY ZIPLOC BAGS to organize your clothes in the suitcase.   Makes it easy to pull out what you need each day, keep everyone's clothes separate and move clothes from one bag to another if you're over the weight limit at the airport....We've done that many times.

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If Hefty bags are not your thing, check out the very popular best selling suitcase packing cubes designed to serve a similar purpose.

In this photo you see that I only get half the suitcase as I share the other half with my daughter as we pack for our 13 day European trip.

check vehicle before family vacation drive
This little guy decided to join us on our family vacation drive across The Big Island, HI.

Take some time before your scheduled trip to give your vehicle the once over. Check all your fluid levels. Make sure your radiator isn’t leaking. Top of your transmission fluid, if needed. And you certainly don’t want to be enjoying some beautiful mountain views without assuring yourself that your brake fluid is at the recommended level. Tires are another concern. Check for wear, and replace them if needed. Better the expense of this at home, than a dark night spent on a on a deserted road changing a tire and fending off snakes. Or coyotes. Or an angry spouse and disappointed children. Even something as innocuous as windshield cleaner fluid can gain in importance as you speed down the interstate accumulating a larger and larger collection of dead insects across the expanse of your windshield.

Travel Tip Product - Long Family Drives:

autotain family vacation travel tips headrest dvd players
Autotain family vacation travel tips headrest DVD players
If your next family vacation requires long driving with kids, then car headrest DVD players from Autotain is a MUST HAVE!!

Great news is we sell on the best.  We've been selling them for over 11 years and we have also used them in over vehicles over the past years as well.  Every year Autotain adds new models to keep up with changing technology and the top selling headrest DVD players are here.

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check vehicle before family vacation drive
We had to stop and do minor repairs due to the bumpy roads.

Bear in mind that the more scenic the location, the more stressful the driving may be, on your vehicle as well as yourself. And if you think the kids get antsy while you’re moving, wait to you see them when your trip comes to an unexpected halt! Isolated areas of great beauty are not the best place to break down. Everyone has heard the expression, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and this is all the more true when traveling. And we’ve all seen those horror movies that begin with a breakdown on a lonely back road!

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