Family Vacation Tips – Rush Mountain Adventure Park

Posted on August 20, 2017

Nobody is going to deny that the Black Hills of South Dakota, in fact, South Dakota as a whole, is a wonderland of natural beauty. There is so much to see. But sometimes you just have to take a break from wildlife and history, and have some family fun. And if you can learn something while doing that, it’s a win/win situation.

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Rush Mountain Adventure Park is located just five miles east of Keystone, SD, a short distance from Mount Rushmore National Monument. This is just the spot for the family to enjoy a day of outdoor adventure. The major attraction may be Rushmore Cave, a lovely, easy accessible cavern filled with some beautiful rock formations. Tours are a half mile in length, and leave every thirty minutes, with no reservation required. In the Post Office chamber you can see inscriptions left by early visitors, the Image Room, where you can try to discern images portrayed in the rocks, the Floral Room, where the formations mimic plant life, or the Big Room, containing the largest number of stalactites in the Black HIlls, as well as flowstone, cave bacon, and more.

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Once you’ve seen the cave, take the kids over to the Gunslinger interactive ride to work off some aggression. Strapped into a moving seat, you will experience every vibration and feel the wind as it whistles through your hair as you take aim at your target. The ride is scored, so beware, your kids may best you! Next, you can experience the thrill of zipping along the treetops as you speed your way down a mountainside on the Soaring Eagle Zipline. And this is no ordinary zipline, but a comfortable molded seat that you can share with a friend or family member.

The Mountain Coaster is yet another experience. This is not your typical roller coaster, but an individually controlled car which hugs the twists and turns of the mountain as it winds silently through the trees. Go slowly, if you feel insecure. Feeling adventurous? Let loose the handbrake, and experience speeds of up to thirty miles per hour. The cars accommodate one or two people, so do it yourself or with a companion.

Finally, try your luck at the Gemstone Mining attraction. Use a real sluice box to sift through buckets of dirt in search of gemstones, arrowheads, fossils, and the like. You never know what you will find.

Rush Mountain Adventure Park is a terrifically fun family destination. The Park is open seasonally, so check here for info about opening and closing times.

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