Once you decide where to take the family for your vacation, do some research online before you leave. Why waste valuable vacation time deciding where to go and what to do when most of this can be decided before you leave?

Travel Tip Product - Organizing the Suitcase:

travel tip packing suitcase organizer hefty ziploc bags
travel tip packing suitcase organizer hefty ziploc bags
Here's a travel tip I wish we'd have learned years ago.  When packing your suitcases, use JUMBO SIZE 2.5 GALLON HEFTY ZIPLOC BAGS to organize your clothes in the suitcase.   Makes it easy to pull out what you need each day, keep everyone's clothes separate and move clothes from one bag to another if you're over the weight limit at the airport....We've done that many times.

Here's a link to the best deals on Hefty Jumbo bags at Amazon with 2 day Prime shipping.

If Hefty bags are not your thing, check out the very popular best selling suitcase packing cubes designed to serve a similar purpose.

In this photo you see that I only get half the suitcase as I share the other half with my daughter as we pack for our 13 day European trip.

When doing your research, take a few things into consideration. Find places to go, and activities, that will be appropriate for all family members. And look at the costs involved. Perhaps you can forgo that guided our if you purchase a cheap guidebook and manage on your own. Make sure you are familiar with the place you are going, at least in theory. Learn about local customs. You don’t want to be “that” tourist who commits a social faux pas.

Travel Tip Product - Long Family Drives:

autotain family vacation travel tips headrest dvd players
Autotain family vacation travel tips headrest DVD players
If your next family vacation requires long driving with kids, then car headrest DVD players from Autotain is a MUST HAVE!!

Great news is we sell on the best.  We've been selling them for over 11 years and we have also used them in over vehicles over the past years as well.  Every year Autotain adds new models to keep up with changing technology and the top selling headrest DVD players are here.

Link to: Best selling headrest DVD players

And don’t forget to research the little, more mundane things. Don’t assume attractions are open when you want them to be. Check beforehand. It’s no fun arriving at an attraction only to find out it closes in twenty minutes. No one wants to run through a museum without time to absorb everything in sight. And remember to research costs. You don’t want to arrive somewhere only to find that paying the admission requires forgoing dinner.

Finally, if you do your research in advance, you can take your time to go through reviews at a leisurely pace, allowing you to decide, upon due consideration, which are the optimal choices. Doing this will allow you to escape falling victim to the hype of the marketing agents of leisure activity providers while on-site. Reviews from fellow travelers can save you a mountain of disappointment on your travels.


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