Take Car of Pets While on Your Family Vacation

One of the major considerations when taking a family vacation is what to do about things on the homefront while you are away. You really don’t want to advertise the fact that you are leaving your home empty and vulnerable, and there are a few things to do to prevent sending this message.

Travel Tip Product - Organizing the Suitcase:

travel tip packing suitcase organizer hefty ziploc bags
travel tip packing suitcase organizer hefty ziploc bags
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First, make arrangements for your mail. Have a friend pick t up every day, or ask the local post office to hold it for your return. You really don’t want an overflowing mailbox to broadcast your absence. You may even be able to have your post office forward your mail, for a specific period of time, to a trusted friend or relative. But when filling out the forms required for this option, DO NOT check any box requesting that the sender be informed of the process, as this could result in your address being changed inadvertently in this sender’s records.

Travel Tip Product - Long Family Drives:

autotain family vacation travel tips headrest dvd players
Autotain family vacation travel tips headrest DVD players
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Next, make sure that there are no outward indications on your property that you are away.  Arrange with a friend or neighbor to put out the trash on the normal collection day. And, if you’re going to be away for an extended period, be sure to contract with someone to care for your lawn. Nothing says “absentee homeowner” than an overgrown yard.

And don’t forget about the family members you leave behind. It’s hardly kind to leave your pets at home alone while you are off enjoying yourselves. Only you know just how much “alone” time your pets can tolerate. A single night away may not present a problem, but if you want to return to a healthy pet and an intact domicile, it may be better to make other arrangements. You can have a trusted friend stay in your home for the duration, or send your pets off to the own vacation, either staying with a caring friend or boarding at a qualified facility.

In any eventuality, you will reduce your worry and stress, and enjoy your vacation all the more, knowing that all is taken care of at home.

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